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New Meal Pattern-School Meals Get a Fresh Look

Llano ISD participates in the Offer vs. Serve Program for all students except for PreK and Kindergarten. This program allows students to choose what they would like to eat. The meals are broken down into components and the students are required to take a certain number of components to have the meal qualify as a reimbursable meal. The following charts show the breakdown of these components.
Students in PreK and Kindergarten must take all items offered. All students must take a full serving of a vegetable or a fruit in order for the meal to be claimed. 
  • Milk may be selected or declined
  • A total of 3 menu items must be chosen, although all 4 may be taken
  • Students may take a juice and a fruit but must take at least one serving.
  • Milk -Student may select or decline (LISD offers 1% unflavored, fat free chocolate milk with all meals)
  • A minimum of 3 items must be taken -one must be a fruit or a vegetable 
  • A maximum of 5 items may be taken