Llano ISD Campus Spotlight » February 27, 2023 - Llano Elementary

February 27, 2023 - Llano Elementary

This month's Spotlight is on Llano Elementary.
Kim Stubblefield, LES Principal, introduced the UIL participants from each grade level.  LES placed 2nd in the District UIL Meet on Friday, January 27, 2023.
Second graders, Lindsey Monnig (4th place) and Lou Winfrey (3rd place) read their Creative Writing entries.
Third grader, Ramsey Patrick (1st place), read her Story Telling entry.
Third graders, Clara Pool (4th place) and Ramsey Patrick (6th place), read their Ready Writing entries.
Fourth graders, Piper Oldham (5th place), Paislee Lynch (Best Alternate), and Tuesday Miller (1st place), read their Oral Reading entries.
Fourth graders, Elliott Carroll (2nd place) and Brooke Bailey (Best Alternate), read their Ready Writing entries.
Fifth Graders, Reagan Rode (2nd place), Harper Kuykendall (Best Alternate), and Camry Kendrick (1st place), read their Oral Reading entries.
Fifth graders, Grady Patrick (1st place) and Camry Kendrick (Best Alternate), read their Ready Writing entries.
All Llano Elementary UIL Participants:
2nd Grade Story Telling
Paxton Johnson
Ava Reyna
Mackenzie Rogers
Jagger Priem
2nd Grade Creative Writing
Reese Patrick
Lindsey Monnig - 4th place
Lou Winfrey - 3rd place
Ana Sophia Long
3rd Grade Story Telling
Denver Morris
Clara Pool
Ramsey Patrick - 1st place
Emily Scoggins
3rd Grade Ready Writing
Clara Pool - 4th place
Ramsey Patrick - 6th place
Jade Lancaster
Adelyn Corcorran
3rd Grade Spelling
Lucas Lawley
Clara Pool
Braddock Bibb
Hannah Rhea - Best Alternate
3rd Grade Music Memory
Norah McCormick - 1st place
Braddock Bibb - 3rd place
3rd Grade Chess-Tie for 3rd Place Team
Ana Sitjar - 1st place
Jason Fry
Connor Adams
Jacob Sillas
4th Grade Oral Reading
Piper Oldham - 5th place
Paislee Lynch - Best Alternate
Tuesday Miller - 1st place
Macee Dick
4th Grade Ready Writing
Elliott Carroll - 2nd place
Tuesday Miller
Vala Stevenson
Brooke Bailey - Best Alternate
4th Grade Spelling
Eleanor Bonnett - 1st place
Trinity Cheatham
Larren Scott
4th Grade Music Memory
Addison Rogers - 5th place
Zoey Herrington
Camden Larsen
Macee Dick
4th Grade Chess-Tie for 3rd Place Team
Easton Morris - 6th place tie
Keaton Debault
Garnett Lowery - 3rd place
Reagan Escallier
4th Grade Art Smart-3rd Place Team
Larren Scott - 6th place
Ty Jackson
Brooke Bailey
Zoey Herrington
Keaton Debault - 3rd place
Paisley Lynch - 4th place
4th Grade Number Sense-1st Place Team
Axel Cortez - 5th place
Tuesday Miller
Keaton Debault - 1st place
Larren Scott - Best Alternate
5th Grade Oral Reading
Reagan Rode - 2nd place
Harper Kuykendall - Best Alternate
Grady Patrick
Camry Kendrick - 1st place
5th Grade Ready Writing
Reagan Rode
Grady Patrick - 1st place
Madi Fleming
Camry Kendrick - Best Alternate
5th Grade Spelling-2nd Place Team
Grady Patrick
Alice Harvey - 2nd place
Madi Fleming
Reagan Baker
5th Grade Music Memory-2nd Place Team
Bryan Tennison
Liam McPherson
Evelyn Morales - 5th place
5th Grade Chess
Bentley Gonzales=Love
Chance Peevy
Andy Inman
Wade Mikulinka
5th Grade Art Smart-1st Place Team
Slade Holley
Madi Fleming - 3rd place
Harper Kothmann
Lili Fleming - 4th place tie
5th Grade Number Sense-2nd Place Team
Emory Lee - 4th place
Cyle Bagley
Lili Fleming - 5th place tie
Madi Fleming
5th Grade Dictionary Skills
Emerie Rusche
Madi Fleming - 6th place tie
Emory Lee - 2nd place
Lili Fleming
5th Grade Listening Skills-2nd Place Team
Harper Kothmann - 5th place
Grady Patrick - 6th place tie
Alice Harvey - 4th place
Sophie Jordan
5th Grade Maps, Graphs, and Charts-2nd Place Team
Reagan Rode - 3rd place
Salena Oestreich - 6th place
Emory Lee
 Lili Fleming
5th Grade Social Studies-1st Place Team
Camry Kendrick - 3rd place
Salena Oestreich
Slade Holley
Reagan Rode - 4th place